Age dating range formula What Should Your “Dating Age Range” Be? This Formula Will Tell You!

Age dating range formula

So just let the internet awesome dudes be.

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I carry that attitude with me to keep pressure off certain moments that may be uncomfortable. A complete evolutionary model of human behavior should be able to produce this number from first principles. I have more of the traits younger women look for, instead of the short refractory period of a younger man that older women tend to enjoy.

But the rule does not map perfectly onto actual reports of what is socially acceptable. Not by the equatio; that works fine. Notice how your range will proportionally become larger as you grow older.

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The rule states that you can calculate maximum acceptable partner ages by subtracting seven from your own age and multiplying it by 2. But what attracts women to me is that I say thank you when I'm complimented and I speak to women like they're my equals The desire to conform is responsible for much needless ageing.

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They are at a different stage of life, have had different life experiences unique to their generation that create a different psychology - even their music preferences are very different and we're only 7 years apart. The 27 year old honestly feels like the woman I've been looking for for a long time, and I was surprised because I've only found those traits in women significantly older than me. As you got older, you added life experience.

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Has a age dating range formula, not yet divorced, told me she'd cut my dick off if I messed up her birthday. I'm talking about throughout history. Dating younger women who are perfectly balanced makes me feel like I did when I dated a black woman I'm white BTW when I was in my 30's. Assuming a woman was a good breeder and didn't die in childbirth then she'd stop making babies until around the age of 45 or so.

Younger and Older Dating Age Range Calculation

What about overlaying the line also on the "oldest preferred" data? I think there are some extraordinarily good looking older men, but they are rare, and rarely single. I could just as easily say, "I'm a year-old ethnic woman who is physically active, has never smoked, does not drink, and thus the mean age of men who approach me is Poor Anon50, you sound Submitted by Anonymous on January 4, - 9: Unfortunately that 'rule' about maximum dating age becomes wider and wider as people age.

Now that we don't need to do that we're age dating range formula for younger men. The formula is a line equation, so although it gets exponentially bigger, it'll also get to a point where it equals nothing, and then starts going back up in reverse ; Hence why the formula doesn't work for you.

The world is full of social rules because people hate people that don't hate as much as they do.

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It has been accelerating away for a very long time now, and largely unchecked. Societies have a pleuthora of beliefsage group variance, religious and idealogical biases. We have the choice,unless very unfortunate not to arrive in middle age until at least seventy years, and old age at least ninety years, this only taking it that we do genuinely no what we are doing. The trend in age for giving birth is shifting to the right.

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I'm reasonably attractive look about 5 years younger than I amsomewhat socially active. Submitted by celebritydiscodave on November 16, - 3: I rapidly learned to stay far away from women between the ages of I think they seem to back my own social observations.

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Women in their 50s complain just as much about nothing as women in their teens, and that negativity is what ends things for me, emotionally. I don't have time to be a mentor.

If you don't want to date people your avoid dating mistakes because you want younger, then how can you complain that younger people also want younger and don't want to date you?