Cb amp hook up How to Check SWR With a Linear Amplifier

Cb amp hook up

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Make sure the vehicle is tidied up and check for any misplaced tools. If you leave the meters or any other goodies in line between the radio and the linear or the linear and the antenna you will lose power because it will detune your system. A linear amplifier is installed inline between the antenna output of a CB radio and the antenna connected to the unit. If you mount the radio where the heater blows on it, it will overheat the radio inside and shorten it's life.

The CB should be tuned for linear cb amp hook up. The main rules are usability and staying away from the heater.

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Trim the antenna mast or replace the antenna if you cannot get it to read below 2. Proper choice, installation and positioning of antennas is crucial to proper operation of radio transmitters, especially if a linear amplifier is used to boost the radio signal. Connect the antenna cable to the antenna jack on the SWR meter. Or ,and this is a good one.

Some meters or goodies are worse then others. You should determine the SWR of your antenna installation in relation to your amplifier before you use your radio equipment.

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Use at least 10 wire and make sure the connections on each end use all the wire and are tight and stay that way. For a mobile unit, attach the red and black power cords to the red and black power cables of your CB radio. Over the years each employee has had to learn the hard way "not to drill or self drill screw into anything that you can't see behind or feel behind to make sure you don't drill into anything you shouldn't". Turn on your transmitter and then switch your amplifier to the AM mode.

Reposition the antenna or trim the antenna cable to reduce the distance between it and the amplifier if it reads 2. A linear amplifier can boost the output of a CB radio. Follow the same power and antenna requirements as linears shown below. Too little power going into the linear means too little power going out and too much power in will over drive the linear and make you sound fuzzy.

S; just make sure every time".

Just cb amp hook up sure the linear is made for sideband use when you buy it and it will have a built in delay. Determining SWR standing wave ratio verifies whether an antenna is properly placed.

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As you know bending a wire back and forth will break it. About 2 watts carrier is great and as much modulation swing as you can get.

Most of the time the answer I get when I ask if they looked or felt behind where they were drilling they said "I didn't think there was anything there". Linear amplifiers may be designed for home or mobile applications, with the primary difference being the power connections each requires. Skip to main content. Also when you hang the mike, make sure the mike wire isn't swinging back and forth because bending it back and forth will shorten it's life too. Meter must be high enough power From "ant" on the meter to the antenna.

Just a reminder to always plan and run your coax before you drill for mounting the antenna s See Antennas.

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