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No special armor or training, just soldiers, fighting a losing war and never backing down. At one point, Marc was marooned on a Forerunner installation with John. Marc was cynical, and waved him away, but that night, Marc dreamt of Harvest. Marc watched from a distance as two ODSTs were rescued by a large soldier in strange green-gray armor.

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The company defended a Sabre launch site on August 14th. He quickly resumed active duty and recalled all the men under his command. He would not find out about Johnson's deception until years later. Marc never saw his father again. They don't deserve it any more than everyone else. He has a variety of hobbies, reading and card playing chief amongst them.

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The encounter piqued Marc's curiousity but left him perpetually irritated. This is only partially dating bedragare, however, as Kat was more interested in following in her mother's footsteps. The Spartans came from somewhere, and started out from that dating bedragare cloth as everyone else. Marc received a very large gash on the right side of his face and a punctured lung when a SOEIV Drop Pod smashed into a Covenant Ghost just a few meters away, peppering him with shrapnel.

A still-depleted India Company fought valiantly on several fronts, including Moscow, London, and Bedragare's ancestral homeland, Berlin. A second drink followed, and a third, and a fourth.

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Marc spent the next dating bedragare years fighting battle after battle, each one a Pyrrhic victory or an utter loss. There, he had alcohol for the first time since Paris IV.

However, Covenant reinforcements arrived far quicker than anticipated, and the Marines and ODSTs soon found themselves defending the main evacuation center.

The two shared a flask of whiskey that night. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. The ODSTs went planetside and promptly scattered.

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That day, his company joined an additional company of ODSTs to halt a dating bedragare of Wraiths on their way to an evac center.

Hours later, the Covenant supercarrier was destroyed in geosynchronous orbit. Sadly, he is so proficient at cards, he has been repeatedly banned from participating in poker competitions. They destroyed the excavation sight and repelled the Covenant with surprising ease.

Marc has admitted that he do anything to keep her safe, regardless of the consequences. Marc has a slight stigma towards non military personnel. He immediately, and without any dating sites for big guys regarding his mother's death, left the kiva and returned to base where he reported his findings.

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Marc is shown to be very strong willed, with very few things being able to shake or even distract him. He was unsurprised to find that his superiors already knew.