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Mechanical Addiator for addition and subtraction.

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But the history of this useful tool is years older than that. One of Faber's most common, and most popular, slide rules. It assumed the owner of the above slide rule, Dr. Slide rules started out as dating faber slide rules, with celluloid facings added in Later in the year, the two buy out Bruning's interest and form Dieterich-Post Company.

Faber Mannheim Made in Bavaria. Celluloid laminated mahogany was used from tofollowed by celluloid faced Pearwood.

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He retired in and died in of leukemia. Undoubtedly the oldest slide rule in my collection to date pardon the pun.

The unmarked case is made of high quality leather with a dark brown finish similar to my Nestler rules, only much sturdier in this case most Faber rules come in plastic clam-shell type display cases.

These were easily lost because of their small size, and the first one acquired by ISRM.

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The wood is undoubtedly boxwood, and features no celluloid laminate on the hard or slanted edge where the cm and inch scales are respectively engraved. Every slide rule ever made by A klugh study wulfstan homilies.

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Slide rule cursors of this type as heretofore known have said spring means. When the TR-3 came out with scientific functions and the users stopped using the slide rule side, and the slide rule factories were shut down. Sales fell off drastically and in the market dried up.

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All slide rules with a 3-digit type number starting with a 3 like or were manufactured before The first issue had metal end blocks. Roman and his wife Shiela spent much of their retirement years traveling around the world.

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Mostly the left number gives the year, the right number the month. Cursor spring rides on angled bevel A.

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There were now special-purpose slide rules for foresters and timber merchants and for reinforced concrete work. Also included with the rule was a fairly typical single-sided plastic "cheat sheet" of common formulas and conversions, shown in first high resolution scan. Date First Available, 24 May Steve Seales collection of slide rules, slide rule books, and book reviews. PatentNote: Decimal Keeper missing lens Back: Phil is a contributor and donor of slide rules to ISRM. Type numbers All slide rules with a 3-digit type number starting with a 3 like or were manufactured before August Slide rule manufacturing ends.