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Dating site advertising

You display your page - you get your money.


In fact, you can begin receiving high-quality, targeted, free dating traffic in a few minutes! To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Otherwise sensible filtering criteria, like who you know in common, is not possible in a world of usernames, so you're left with "10 miles from " and mysterious matchmaking algorithms. They won't hook up to the social graph but they'll pay for ad impressions on Facebook that convert to signups that create usernames and unplug from the social graph.

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Julie Ruvolo is an entrepreneur and a writer. This makes it a win-win situation personal touch matchmaking everybody. Diller's aging anti-social network brings in about a quarter of IAC's annual revenue.


No affiliate programs to join, no relaying on someone converting your traffic, no waiting for payments. Visitors on the other dating-related websites will see your ads and click to your site - generating more traffic for dating site advertising.

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This system makes the exchange very easy. Log in or go back to the homepage.

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Flexible plans with targeting of your ads depending on user locations, language, device, operating system and more. Instead of connecting with people you know, you set up a username to mask your identity, hope no one you know sees you, and spend the whole time filtering.

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Match, recall, is the industry heavyweight: Match historically spends about half its revenue on advertising to bring new users in the dating site advertising and through the subscription pay wall. In fact Barry Diller says Match just can't get enough of Facebook ads.

No Amount of Facebook Ads Will Help Un-social Dating Sites Fend Off New Competitors

Join us and start advertising now. You don't invite your friends to join you on Match, you don't know what friends are already there, and you don't make new friends while you're paying to be there.

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This will exchange visitors leaving your site for new visitors - increasing your traffic and sales. The only dating sites that will survive in spite of the social graph will be the adult dating sites.