Online dating how to say youre not interested The best way to end things with someone if you're not interested after a first date

Online dating how to say youre not interested

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Most men on online dating sites will continue to pursue you until you block them or tell them to fuck off. No one deserves to be left hanging without explanation. I receive many messages from people who I might actually be interested in, but then I often just don't get round to replying. Being polite to everyone is not worth the amount of shit that a chick on the Internet is going to get for saying no directly.

Nthing the ignore - it's standard practice, and anyone who's going to be really offended or upset by it is really not someone you want to be conversing with.

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August 28, If you're not interested, you don't really want them to show up in your searches, so add them to your 'dead to me' list, too. Remember that nothing is ever completely erased on the Internet, so made-up abuse is pretty easy to dating how to say youre not interested.

The latter should at least deserve a 'thanks, but I'm not interested'. I don't want to just delete their messages - that seems rude, when they've gone out on a limb to message me. One guy wrote me back after the "no thanks" and told me, and I quote, I was "the nail in the coffin" for him, that women were bitches, that my not accepting his offer to communicate was just the last straw for him, and he was ending his online dating membership because of me.

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Afterward, break off the communication. It is inconsiderate and unnecessary. From then on, your approach is no reply, no comment, no nothing.

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It's just a social norm I disagree with. Show your match the same respect you would want if the tables were turned. It's not rude to simply not respond.

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Also stop to consider the medium you use to communicate your decision. Different in quantity and content.


She eventually decided to delete her account because she couldn't deal with all of the messages that she felt an imperative to respond to. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru.

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Being ignored means that the person in question couldn't even be bothered to take ten seconds out of their oh-so-busy day to show some simple courtesy. I sent her a note saying that I wasn't interested in my usual comic easy-letdown style.

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Ultimately, by closing one door, you bring yourself one step closer to the person and the relationship speed dating stamford is completely right for you.

You seem pretty cool -- if you'd like to talk books sometime, message me back!

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But I am looking for someone who matches with my unique interests, goals and personality in a different way. However, I've also had some people contact me that I don't seem to have anything in common with. So keep your tone in mind.