Thought catalog dating best friend Dating Your Best Friend

Thought catalog dating best friend

The person who never goes a day without seeing you — or at least talking to you.

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The person who will be your partner when it comes to anything and everything. Date the person who you can have fun with, even when you are lounging around the house in your pajamas, sitting on two separate laptops.

Date the person who makes trips to get fast food feel like an adventure. You can be yourself around each other. Date the person who has always been there for you. You care for each other on two levels: Date the person you consider your best friend.

The person who makes even the most mundane activities feel exciting. Date the person who knows which candy to buy or which band to play when you are in a bad mood. You reread every text.

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You relive every memory. You look back and you just feel stupid. Date the person who knows what you are thinking before you say it. And therefore when we did start dating, our relationship already had a solid foundation.

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This inevitably leads to thinking twice about hurting or upsetting one another. The person who knows which cereal you prefer to eat in the morning and which liquor you prefer to take shots of at night.

Mostly likely, the two of you will already share the same core values or beliefs. The person who can guess how you are going to react to a situation because they know you like the back of their hand.

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What they want now and in the future. This makes a difference because similar morals are the foundation of a successful relationship, and at some point or another they will be tested.

And in my experience, when you do start dating, the relationship tends to be stronger. Date the person who calls you by a cute nickname. You can tease each other and banter and debate with each other. The person who you feel lucky to have in your life, because you have no idea what you would do without them.

Date the person who you run to whenever you have a rough day and need a shoulder to lean on. And it all starts making sense — he never wanted love.

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The person who would never tell another thought catalog dating best friend about the things they swore to keep between the two of you.

And it all starts making sense — he never wanted love. The person who loves your cousins and your siblings and your pets as much as you do. Here are 7 reasons why I believe in dating your friend: Growing up, all of my boyfriends tended to be people I had been best friends with first. I love the writing mia international dating the photos.

You already know their life story. You respect each other and you still value your friendship. He only wanted attention.