What does it mean when a guy asks you if you are dating someone 21 Ways to Answer ‘Are You Seeing Anyone?’

What does it mean when a guy asks you if you are dating someone, this site is an illegal copy of madamenoire.com (this site is not madamenoire.com)

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I'm a computer programmer, so I sit in front of computers all the time. How do I ask a girl to be her boyfriend? That means he wants to guarantee he gets your time.

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If they are, what's the best way to approach one? She is a girl. What does it mean when a guy asks you whether you're at home or not?

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Original post by elizabeth when you say 'it could have just been a question i. A guy like this typically finds it difficult to stay in long-term relationships without getting bored.

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After graduation, she hopes to put her love of writing to work by becoming a contributing writer at one of her favorite magazines: It really depends in the context in which he asks you if you have a boyfriend. Well there is a possibility that his interested or he may just have been wondering.

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If a guy asks you to hang out, is he asking you on a date? Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; text-decoration: Does it mean anything if a guy asks if i'm seeing anyone Watch sendTimingData 'title'. Does this mean I have never dated anyone? When you say you're "dating" someone, what does that mean to you? University of Oxford Replies: He'll remember your conversations, and come back to them later.

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Fashion and beauty Replies: I thought it was pretty self-explanatory: They know that sends a serious signal. Follow 7 It means that a guy who is truly serious is a guy who is done swiping.

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It's in the morning for me right now so I won't be able to answer questions so efficiently. Skip to main content. Today, my co-worker asked if I have a boyfriend.

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If he asks you if you have a boyfriend when engaged in these types of conversations about relationships in general, there is a chance that he is just making conversation and going to the next logical question.

It means he wants to know if there are any guys in your life right now.

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It could be just plain curiosity. He may ask you if you have a boyfriend while making conversation with you about relationships in general. Try therapy, now online.

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He may be the sort that wants to gauge just how popular you are with guys. Which type of chocolate is best? By Marisa Tesoro in Love. This is when you know that he is showing romantic interest.